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Location: Project: Description:
South Africa Shigamani

Dunamis Connections has been involved in the village of Shigamani, South Africa for several years. We had been in the process of constructing a multi-purpose building which would be used for the orphans in the village and also for educational purposes.

In July of 2015, Bishop Masinga passed away, which left a void in the leadership of this project. In the meantime a tornado came through and blew two of the walls out of the building. We encouraged the leadership of the church to have the community help in rebuilding the walls. The walls are now completed and, with new leadership established, we will be sending teams to help the locals put the roof on the building. We are in need of welders and steel fabricators to be part of these teams. If you’re interested in contributing to this project or serving on a team, please email us at info@dunamisconnections.org!

Zambia Reaching a Generation Project

Reaching a Generation (RaG) is an organization driven to create a movement of true hope in the lives of children, youth and families in southern Africa. Western Zambia is one of the most unreached areas of Africa. Starving children, unsafe and unclean water, and common illnesses due to lack of proper medical care are just a few aspects of the impoverished lifestyle seen in so many communities. Dunamis Connections is coming alongside Reaching a Generation in every area where they are fulfilling a need, whether it is medical assistance and education, construction, drilling wells or feeding children.

Our Focus:
One of the major areas of need we provide assistance is with young girls. At the age of 13-15 Zambian girls are often married off to much older men as a third, fourth, or even fifth wife. RaG is striving to provide a rescue home for the young women in order to further their education and prevent child marriage. Our goal is to raise enough funds for the rescue home and send construction workers when they are ready to build.

Our second area of focus is in drilling water wells for the locals. Clean water is a rarity in these impoverished villages, leading to malnutrition and the spread of disease.

If it is in your heart to support any of these important projects, please contact us!

Kenya Shujaa Project

The Shujaa Community Center is under the direction of Pastors Andrew & Doreen Guya of The Family Worship Center in Nairobi, Kenya. Their focus is to empower the Shujaa community, specifically the young and upcoming generation who make up the largest percentage of the population in Kenya. The Shujaa Community Center’s purpose aims to give opportunities to the locals to learn through:

– Computer and technology training
– Tailoring classes
– Cooking classes
– Metal and wood working training
– Biblical and Spiritual education

Everyone who goes through these classes are grounded in their faith before completing the course. Young people are empowered spiritually and fundamentally, which leads them towards a bright future they may not have ever imagined possible before.

Dunamis Connections is working alongside Pastors Andrew & Doreen and The Family Center Church to build a two-story building with 8 classrooms. They currently need sewing machines, 20 computers, and wood working tools. Construction has been in progress since 2015.

Brazil Abundant Life Project

The Abundant Life Association (“Vida Plena de Mesquita”) is focused on generating a new mentality in the community of Mesquita, Rio de Janeiro. The favelas (slum areas) in Mesquita have been forgotten by the authorities. Families are living in extreme poverty, children are being abandoned, and as they enter their teenage years they are drawn to drug trafficking.

Under the direction of Pastor Syl Farney and Patricia, pastors of the church “Comunidade Evangélica de Mesquita”, the Association strives to pave the way towards a sustainable future for the upcoming generations. The people in Mesquita all have the ability to achieve bright futures, and the Abundant Life Association plays a hand in making that future possible. The many ways they are working to accomplish this vision is through education, opportunity, and relationships.

These include:
– College preparation classes
– Military preparation classes
– Foreign language classes
– Auto-care classes
– Health care and psychological aid, especially for victims of domestic violence
– Environmental care: cleaning streets, planting trees, and painting pavement in the community

The local pastors, the church, and the Association have created a fantastic, solid relationship with the city of Mesquita. They are working well with what they have to succeed in obtaining their vision. However, what they need is a reliable facility that will enable them to grow in their ministry. Dunamis Connections comes alongside Pastor Syl Farney, his church, and the Abundant Life Association to finish the work needed to be done on the property.