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Empowering Leaders

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Why Empower Your Leaders?

A successful church, project, or organization builds upon successful people. Successful people come from being motivated and strengthened. Dunamis Connections combined with Corporate Mission is designed with the purpose to help you so that each one of your team members will understand their pertinent role within the team.

Why Dunamis Connections?

Communication, productivity, and loyalty are important factors to help organizations to achieve their goals. We believe in catering a team building adventure for your church or company that will create, strengthen, and maintain relationships within your team. Through various events that foster collaboration, your team will return with long-lasting relationships that will positively affect your daily operation.

Corporate Mission

Corporate Mission exists to provide your organization with experiential team building expeditions to developing nations that makes a difference for the participants and ultimately for your company.
The participation is revolutionary with lasting results that helps build character, trust, and communication within your team. Corporate Mission coordinates with you and finds a program that fits your goal and budget. We customize, organize, and execute our services so that you can enjoy this experience alongside your team.

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Over the last several years, we have held many leadership development throughout developing nations. We are all about specializing leadership training, motivational speaking, and preaching to empower others to do more for the kingdom of God.

We focus on both established and aspiring leaders because they are the future leaders of their countries and will be the people who provide direction and inspiration. As leaders in developing countries catch the vision and understand what God truly desire for them, they begin to act it. Their reshaped attitudes and thought patters have power to literally change their projects, churches, and communities.

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Dunamis Connections has a unique process of coaching and consulting. The first step in the process is to get to know you and your church or organization. We want to have a firm understanding of your specific needs, goals, and objectives. We will then create a program that is tailor made for your team while working in an area of global services and missions.

We offer opportunities around the globe in the field of agriculture, construction, education, medical, ministry, and technology.

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