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About Us


Based in Southlake, Texas, Dunamis Connections works in developing nations with a vision for empowering individuals to reach their potential through connecting resources.

Dunamis - That's what "dunamis" means: power, dynamic, living, explosive. Power that will change people, change communities, change nations, change the world - and change you.

Connections - How does it happen? Through connections that bring together needs and resources, cultures and concepts, people and God. Such powerful connections create possibilities, release potential, and result in realized dreams.

That is what Dunamis Connections is all about.


Founders, Henry and Diane Fisher, see people in the developing countries, such as Brazil, Kenya, Mexico, South Africa, and Zambia as a thrust of tremendous potential.

The many challenges our friends in these places face can be overcome with our help. The solutions and resources for these people are available, and Henry and Diane have been taking those solutions and resources to those who need it most for 35 years.

To learn more about our founders, Henry & Diane Fisher, visit www.henryfisher.org